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Band Of The Week // FREE MONEY

Releasing their debut EP, The Free Money, there’s a lot of things to love about Free Money’s sound and we thought we would ask them a few questions as they begin this new era.

Free Money 2018

Glittering and exuberant are two adjectives that come to mind when you listen to the debut EP from Free Money, which is released on November 23rd via Buff Records / Communion. Across the four tracks that form up the EP, it induces a range of emotions from the euphoric I Got U, to the headbang-inducing Up In The Sky.

Opener U Got Me brings in a funky groove and a luminescent melody that shines through spirited electronics, and as we build towards the infectious chorus from a light falsetto, you’ll feel your positive emotions being stirred along. Up In The Sky is pure ecstasy with its thrumming riffs, bringing an edge to the EP; the band can do tropical tunes, but they’re not afraid to get down and dirty with some riffs either. Crashing cymbals provide a solid rhythmic backbone, and alongside the bass, it creates a ground for the soaring vocals and fervent guitars to take off from.

Prepare to be hypnotised by the swirling reverb-tinged guitars on I Got U. A haze of feel-good vibes, it draws you into a breezy daydream where you’re surrounded by lush vocals and glimmering melodies and you’ll want to lose yourself in the saxophone solo forever. Moving On is a track that definitely sets the pace moving with its upbeat electronics and driving energy. The band sure knows how to leave a listener on a high, as lofty vocals, rich with vibrato, dominate the finishing choruses. Closing track Everything’s Fine brings a hint of jazz influence in its piano accompaniment and mellifluous chord progressions. Between carefully controlled ghost notes and swooning vocal harmonies, you’ll feel yourself slowly slipping into a dreamy soundscape as you’re calmed by the refrain “everything’s fine”.

Unsurprisingly, we found ourselves captivated by the band’s charisma, and so we got in touch to question them on the EP and on money – after all, you can’t expect the topic of money to go under the radar when you’re chatting with a band called Free Money.

What are the main themes/feelings captured on the new EP?

The EP is about optimism in the face of change. It’s a sort of amalgamation of our experiences as individuals and together in relationships with our friends, family and lovers.

Did you come across anything unexpected during the recording process? What were you most surprised by?

We found that our sound stretched into something a lot more eclectic than originally planned. Each song has a very different set of influences and style from jazz to 80s pop to almost opera rock. So looking back on it now with perspective it’s surprising to see.

What’s your favourite lyric off the EP and why?

‘Hold each other tighter than a mouse’s waistcoat’ …why? Isn’t it obvious?

Drawing inspiration from your name, if you encountered a bank of free money and received 1 million pounds, what would you do with it?

We’d probably create a studio, a Free Money HQ if you will. Or just go waaaay off the rails.

What’s your favourite way of spending your pay check?

Pints and food.

What’s your best financial advice? Especially for musicians?

Try not to spend those gig fees on alcohol…but accept that you always will.

Listen to the newest EP here:

Catch the band at their upcoming live date.


06 – London, Sebright Arms