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CIRCA WAVES Announce New Album ‘What’s It Like Over There?’

Circa Waves mark their highly-anticipated return with two songs Movies and Be Somebody Good.

Circa Waves new 2018

Circa Waves have announced that their third studio album, What’s It Like Over There?, will arrive on April 5th.

Taking on an introspective approach without ever losing the infectious flare that underpinned their earlier material, Circa Waves are back with not one, but two new songs. In their signature guitar-driven style, Movies marries pulsating rhytmics with melodic pop sensibility that’s destined for arenas, whilst Be Somebody Good reveals a more fragile side to the band. Reflecting on life on the road, all the inside-outs and upside-downs of relationships, a new chapter of Circa Waves begins now.

Guitarist Joe Falconer comments:

We wanted to start seeing ourselves less in those defined roles – the drummer, the bass player – and blurring the lines a bit more.

Frontman Kieran Shudall adds:

I’m really getting into the world of ‘let the song be the greatest song it could be’, and not let the restrictions of ‘we’re a rock band’ rule. We wanted to make it as big and powerful and as cinematic as it could be. Being completely open to using everything at your whim is really exciting.

Written in just one month, What’s It Like Over There? is set for release on April 5th via Prolifica Inc. / PIAS.


What’s It Like Over There?

Sorry I’m Yours

Times Won’t Change Me


Me, Myself & Hollywood

The Way We Say Goodbye

Be Somebody Good