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Artist Of The Week // PIZZAGIRL

Shimmering soundscapes and sentimental hooks, dive into the unique world of Pizzagirl.

Blurring the lines between the past era and modernity, Pizzagirl aka Liam Brown serves us another slice of dreamy bedroom pop in the form of his sophomore EP, season 2.

Fascinated by the bold and expressive temperament of the 80s and 90s dial-up internet culture, Pizzagirl manifests a truly vibrant take on lo-fi electro-pop on his latest release. From dark, haunting beats in body part, to nostalgia-inducing gymnasium and synth-laden romanticising in blossom at my feet, flower, the new EP shapes a very vivid and evocative concept. Oscillating between retro influences and modern sonics, Pizzagirl creates his own kaleidoscopic musical dimension that we’re more than willing to explore.

With season 2 released today, we hit Liam with some questions about his inspiration, fears and…pizza.

Can you explain the themes and ideas behind season 2 EP?

I think there’s without a doubt a lot of 80s/90s pop influenced drum samples and synths sprinkled into the season 2 boxset, also a bit of modern pop bedroom production that I’ve always been fond of incorporating! There’s also a lot of references to places, like “highschool” and “gymnasium”, which was unintentional but i think it’s pretty cool!

What’s your favourite thing about the 80s?

My fav thing about the 80s is the probably the ATTITUDE! I love the shameless bold clothes and the outrageous pop hits that came out of that decade! I love how people still fondly look back to the 80s today in terms of film and music with such nostalgia, and i think in today’s cold landscape that’s a wholesome thing!

What’s your least favourite thing about the internet culture?

I think the internet has become almost this second planet that people can kick back and surf on anonymously most of the time and i think maybe with that, it breeds some not very nice people lol. I think one thing i’m not into is the unnecessary anger that being hidden behind a computer opens up to people! That scares me a little i try to stay on family friendly sites like mums

What would you do if it wasn’t for music?

I’m really into film and i think that if i wasn’t making silly lil songs in my bedroom i’d probably be making a lot more silly lil films! Lately though I’ve found myself in deep holes of youtube watching barbering and makeup tutorials so maybe that’s my true calling to become a master barber/mua!

What’s your fondest memory from high school?

I think my fondest memory from high school is probably the days before the christmas holidays! Everyone seemed to come together in a very festive way, the scene kids would pull crackers with the bullies and the teachers actually smiled a bit! It truly was a christmas miracle!

Name one thing you’re scared of.

Another y2k, and also having something in my teeth but no one telling me.

Pick one song (but not yours) that could be the perfect soundtrack to your life right now.

I’ve been listening to a song on my train travels on these cold evenings called ‘Blue Motorbike’ by Moto Boy it makes me feel nice and i think it has a very wintry feel to it so yeah, final answer!

If your sound was a colour, what colour would it be? And why?

Hot Pink! Because it’s tacky and bold!

If season 2 was the soundtrack to a movie, what movie (and what title) would it be?

I think if season 2 was the soundtrack to a film it would be probably a coming of age awkward internet teen film directed by stanley kubrick. maybe something called “2003: a myspace odyssey”.

Does pineapple go on pizza?

yes. everyday, everynight, everywhere!

season 2 is available now on Heist or Hit.