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APRE Share Music Video for ‘Backstreet’

Delightfully abstract, the newest video from APRE will give you some content to sink your teeth into.

APRE 2018

London duo APRE throw you into a wonderfully abstract world for their latest video Backstreet.

You border on the immersion of the video, constantly questioning whether you are looking in or if you are a part of the action. There’s an overt sexual undertone that grows throughout the video, which is fitting considering the topic of love tackled by the lyrics. Bringing in an upbeat indie sound, there’s almost a timeless element to their sound as it blends influences of past eras with a modern edge.

Director Leopald says the video portrays “a voyeuristic peek into a group gathering that approaches love in an abstract fashion”. Expounding further on this, he says:

The group are engaged in different scenarios that are nuanced metaphors for various aspects within relationships. We are gradually introduced to the multiple love triangles within the group, causing jealousy and animosity. Moreover, we observe the versatility of the concept of relationship, stretched within all genders of the group. By taking this approach, the video explores concepts such as love, attraction, kindness, understanding, distaste, domination, anger, oppression, jealousy, and hierarchy.

Catch the band on their headlining tour dates next year.


31 – Bristol, The Louisiana


01 – Manchester, Jimmy’s

02 – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds 2

03 – London, Omeara