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Live: YAEJI // Max Watt’s, Melbourne

When it rains, it pours with genre defying sensation, Yaeji.

Yaeji - Melbourne

Yaeji was in the country last week for the iconic Meredith Music festival which she held the stage with the likes of Sampa The Great, The Presets and Nadia Rose. But last Thursday night she played the first of two sold out Max Watt’s shows. With a lengthy line out the front, people were already buzzing from hype of what was to come. Did she live up to it? But of course.

The basement venue didn’t need any warming up, as sweat dripped down every brow it didn’t take long for it to become torrential conditions. With one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen, she made the place that even more warmer and joyous. Kathy Yaeji Lee knew what she was doing, the Korean-American talented producer, singer and DJ made sure people where moving in some way shape or form and even if you weren’t, the vibration of the floor would inspire you. Opening with Feel It Out and followed a couple of songs later with Gaup was the ideal way to unleash onto the drenched crowd and they were lapping it completely.

As she crossed over between English and Korean effortlessly she got behind the decks and in front like the queen that she is. Bringing things down a level with a single back light feelings change was a way to take things in our stride and have a minute. Her angelic and pitch perfect vocals were like velvet and you couldn’t help but stare. Before taking things up a notch with some from the archives, New York 93 and then fresh hit One More.

A moment for Drake’s cover Passionfruit, which is probably better than original, was adored by all and you could feel the excitement accelerate. drink I’m sipping on was a stand out moment for her already incredible set. The bass alone was almost too hot to handle, as people submerged themselves into the broody hypnotising pop bliss. Thanking the crowd for making her feel at home made the space that more inclusive, even mentioning moving to the city, which the crowd happily rejoiced. But she wasn’t done just yet. We all knew what was about to happen. raingurl was everything and more than anyone had expected. Making every set of feet reach new heights as they chanted the chorus.

A brief moments off the stage was greeted by a gloriously happy Yaeji to play one last song before ending her evening with her adoring crowd. A remix Focus made the love radiate even more at the venue and was the cherry on the top of an epic Thursday night.

Photo: Liz Stephens