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Artist Of The Week // ARRAN GEORGE

Tinged with a bittersweet honesty, the debut EP from Arran George takes you into an ethereal bedroom-pop soundscape you’ll want to rest in forever.

Arran George 2018

Cumbrian Arran George may still be unsigned, but the release of his debut EP will quickly change that fact. Bringing four tracks of heartfelt emotions and tranquil melodies, there’s an intimacy to the EP that makes you feel as though you’re in the bedroom with Arran as he creates these tunes.

Modern Life tackles that feeling of not knowing what you’re going to do next, and it feels like you’re sort of in a limbo. The gentle guitar and whispery strings carefully cosies you, allowing you to just float along to the track. Meanwhile, the lulling accompaniment of How High Does The English Grass Grow pulls you into a hypnotising trance, grasping at feelings that can’t necessarily be put into words. Swelling with warmth, The Middle is coloured with a rosy honesty and encouragement that shows itself as Arran coaxes you “Don’t be terrified into the middle”. Mentioning The Changes is about ‘that feeling when you first wake up and don’t know who you are and you are happy’, there’s a nuanced desire for something different, something more, in the chorus.

With the release of his debut EP, we thought we’d ask him a few questions centring around it.

Where did your sonic inspirations for the EP come from?

Badly Drawn Boy, Alex Turner, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver and Crush Songs by Karen O.

In explaining The Middle, you said ‘you can miss what you’ve never had’. Can you share a personal example with us?

I think it’s the trade off for having a personality and a fulfilling life, you have to make choices from time to time that will shape everything about you. It’s a strange thing to sit back and think what if you just chose the alternative option in every scenario in your life; what would you be doing now? I just thought at least I got to make those decisions, any sort of regret is fine, but I’ve seen people who let other people (or other people’s opinions) decide everything for them. They won’t ever get to have regret or happiness, sad!

What’s your best nostalgic memory?

Me and my cousin being woke up at midnight in the caravan to see my granda raiding the fridge for boiled eggs in his vest and underpants, it’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

You mentioned How High Does The English Grass Grow reminds you of a fever dream, can you recall any particular fever dreams you’ve had?

I got food poisoning once and dreamt I was literally being thrown into an incinerator. I think it’s the switch in the song that reminds me of that. The relief.

What are the biggest changes you hope your EP will make?

I hope people like it so I can continue to keep on making more music. Win win.

What’s your ultimate dream?

To keep making music, playing gigs and writing more tunes. (Probably should have said world peace).