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STARCRAWLER Unveil Video for ‘Hollywood Ending’

The American rock ‘n’ roll band have released music video for their new single, Hollywood Ending.

Starcrawler 2019

Starcrawler are relatively new to the scene, but they’ve already earned quite a reputation. The female-fronted four piece has glam-meets-Stooges-like sound, writing love letters to LA. Lead singer Arrow de Wilde, known for her on-stage antics like spitting into audience members’ faces, was raised in Hollywood and envisioned the music video as taking place in the old Hollywood she was dragged around as a kid. As director Gilbert Trejo put it:

Arrow and I almost started sowing the seeds for this video when we first met. One of the first things we bonded over was our shared love for old Hollywood […] When we got the go ahead to make the Hollywood Ending video, we knew exactly what type of imagery we wanted to convey. We got to bring our own favorite disappearing neighborhood back to life.

Arrow comments:

This song to me shows a loss of innocence and the dramatic yet sometimes bitter “Hollywood ending” to a first love. Everyone has to go through different Hollywood endings in their own lives, whether they’re good or bad. Sometimes it’s the Wizard Of Oz and you wake up from a crazy nightmare dream and you’re fine, or sometimes it’s Carnival of Souls where you’ve been dead all along.

It’s clear that Starcrawler are part of a new generation of rock ‘n’ roll music and after releasing their self-titled LP in 2018, this new single hints at much more to come in 2019.