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Band Of The Week // YOUNGER HUNGER

Drinking margaritas and playing old video games  are just a few interests that Younger Hunger cultivate in between their writing sessions.

Younger Hunger 2019

Having an existential crisis in your early twenties may not be an easy thing to experience, but luckily, we’ve got Younger Hunger who have composed a perfect soundtrack to it.

Tinged with a shoegaze quality, their new single, Summer Bummer is a slice of luscious guitar-pop that easily may fit into your ‘angsty youth anthem’ box. There’s no doubt that facing reality and entering adulthood is hard, and sometimes things are not exactly how you imagined them to be, but at least music is great, even if it comes in an unapologetic and brutally honest form.

Frontman Tony Davia explains:

‘Summer Bummer’ is just about growing up and realizing you’re just a shitty twenty-something who thinks they’re more important than they really are.

With their debut EP, Yikes, set for release on February 28th, we hit the band with some questions about their new track, their dreams and fears, and how music has helped them reach catharsis.

With your new single being titled Summer Bummer, what’s your fondest memory from summertime?

Growing up in Southern California, it’s gotta be: Midnight drives down PCH to get milkshakes at the 24 hour diner. Either that or margaritas on the beach.

Can you explain the themes and ideas behind your forthcoming new EP, Yikes?

Yikes is an existential crisis of a record. It’s about growing up and realizing you’re not living up to your own expectations.

Did you encounter any challenges during the writing and recording process of the EP?

No. Writing isn’t ever a challenge for us; it’s catharsis. We’re constantly writing and recording in my home studio. This EP was particularly fun, the processes helped us solidify our style.

What’s your favourite lyric off the EP and why?

On “Summer Bummer”: ‘How could I be 22? So many things left to do.” I love how straight forward and not poetic that lyric is. It’s the zeitgeist for this moment in my life. Time is just moving too fast for me to keep up.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

We love old video games. Like N64, PS One kinda stuff. When we hang out, we’re usually playing Goldeneye or Majora’s Mask in between writing. On this record, we really tried to reflect that in the sonics. Our synth sounds and ambience were direct attempts at recreating those classic video game sounds. 

What’s your least favourite thing about the internet culture?

I fucking hate how everyone is suddenly dissatisfied with their life because they compare it to what Instagram celebrities portray their lives to be. 

Name one thing you’re scared of.

Scared of being misunderstood. 

If your sound was a colour, what colour would it be and why?

Well each song would be different. But I would say the palette of this EP is black and white with splashes of hot color. 

If Yikes was a soundtrack to a movie, what movie would it be?

Yikes would soundtrack the sequel to Ferris Bueller, where Ferris gets a real job and Sloan dumps him haha. 

What’s your ultimate dream?

To make out with Brad Pitt.

And a cliché question, what does music mean to you?

Music is communication. Writing songs helps me communicate my experiences with people. Hopefully people who are going through the same stuff can find some solace in listening.