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Live: JORJA SMITH // The Forum, Melbourne

Last Friday at Melbourne’s The Forum, Jorja Smith graced us with her presence and left the sold out crowd in utter awe.

Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019

With support from Aussie’s own KIAN, he made sure the crowd were ready for the star of the show. He even brought up Baker Boy to make push it to higher heights.

The lights went down low and her band entered onto the stage to start off the nights proceedings. Effortlessly it was like liquid gold and made it the perfect opportunity for Jorja Smith to make her entrance. She has been taking over every stage and captivating audiences with her breathtaking vocals and it took all of thirty seconds to confirm this to the Melbourne patrons.

Lost & Found was where it all began and it was the ideal way to start her magical set. As she stood behind the mic, she sounded pitch perfect. Teenage Fantasy had the crowd yelling along which became the theme of the evening, especially at the chorus. And they didn’t miss a word. As she looked out onto the crowd there was a warmth from the 21 year old, which made the set that more inclusive. We were all there for the show but she made it more of an intimate experience.

“It’s so crazy how far my music can get all over the world”, she shared with the crowd. It’s pretty much as far as you can go. “I’m going to play some music from my new album Lost & Found. And with that she played February 3rd and we lost ourselves in her velvet vocals as she moved across the stage.

As it was the start of the weekend, patrons weren’t wasting any time making sure it was started off in style. With her smooth R&B sound this British artist wasn’t letting us down. As she continued her set, the transitions were fluid and elegant. And as she prepare to perform at the Grammy shortly she cements herself on being one of the most impressive artists wowing audiences.

Wandering Romance showed us her vulnerabilities and heart breaking song writing skills come to life when On Your Own started to play, it was the empowering moment the crowd needed. Where Did I Go? was given a big band treatment which made the track flourish that even more and the iconic Blue Lights was lit with a haze inspired from the track. Quite a sight to see. But all good things must come to an end and what a way it did.

With a single piano and herself it was time to take things down a notch with Tomorrow. But it took couple of attempts to get into the swing of things. Because of how captivated the audience was by her you could have heard a pin drop. Allowing someone to yell out ‘I Love You Jorja!’ It became a bit of a back and forth. But eventually she was able to get back on track and deliver the magnetic song.

Let Me Down once again blew audiences away until On My Mind left us with the just right amount of sass. It started by playing it the way the original was and the erupted into the remix version that had everyone’s feet up off the floor. Energy levels were at its peak. Her performance was etched into our minds.

Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019 Jorja Smith - Melbourne - 2019

Photos: Liz Stephens