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Live: RÜFÜS DU SOL // Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Rüfüs Du Sol have been relentlessly touring every corner of the globe over the last few years, whilst producing some of the most dynamic electronic music going around.

With two shows in Melbourne at the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl, the Sydney trio made the venue theirs last night. A gorgeous summer evening was the setting and on one of the year’s most romantic days, Valentine’s Day, you couldn’t get a more perfect scenario. You could definitely feel the love in the air before the show began.

Smoke machines on, lights down low, it was that time of the night everyone one was waiting for. As Tyrone, Jon and James walked out from the back to the front the roar from the patrons erupted. Without a moment to think about it, Eyes began to play. Coming from their 2018 LP Solace, it was the ideal way to start their set. Like An Animal backed up that hype and as the flood of lights on stage flickered at a rapid pace, the track began to build. This combination of the racing track and magnetic visuals only made the energy in the crowd intensify.

“Well hello Melbourne. We’ve been waiting to come home to you for a while now. With this beautiful night sky in the beautiful CBD of Melbourne so thank you so much for joining us tonight. Bring your best smiles, bring a lot of energy and we’ll bring it straight back to you, let’s do this”, Tyrone announced to the cheering crowd and with that launched into Brighter.

A magic moment with Treat You Better feed the love birds in the crowd and amplified straight to the back of the open air venue. There’s no doubt that these guys know how to treat a crowd and as the set progressed it felt well paced, cementing their place on Australia’s and the world’s biggest stages. “This is the place I belong” was sung in the next track, All I’ve Got and it couldn’t have resonated stronger. With harnessing those bold visuals that flicked and bounced onto the crowd it was quiet the sight to see. Every element embraced the complexities of each verse and chorus creating all senses to be engaged.

Without a doubt, the most stand-out moment of the set was one we didn’t know we needed. “Alright Melbourne close your eyes now and come right up through the night sky to another galaxy with us”, Tyrone explained. With that their 9 minute and 38 second spectacle unravelled before us, Innerbloom. It must never get old performing such a track to a sold out crowd. As “If you want me, If you need me, I’m yours!” echoed over the space it became an overwhelming moment shared by all. And the crowd defiantly showed their appreciation after the track with an extended applause that made the band taking it in their stride.

Lost In My Mind and New Sky closed the evening and in between the two tracks they made sure we were left impressed. Leaving us with a bittersweet taste in our mouths, we would have all been happy to stay there for a few more hours. But all good things must come to an end and that experience was up there.

Photos: Liz Stephens