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FUR Share Visuals for ‘Him & Her’

The single in itself is enough to make you fall head over heels for FUR, and the aesthetically pleasing visuals are the cherry on top.  

Fur 2019

Brighton quartet FUR continue to steal your heart with their latest single Him & Herlifted off their self-titled debut EP, out now via Nice Swan Records. Releasing the video for it, you’ll find yourself in an abstract world of mannequins and bright colours, with the aesthetics for the visuals being something you can’t quite explain but enjoy nonetheless.

The track will transport you back in time, to an era of sunshine and good old love songs. The nostalgia is present throughout in the rippling guitars and sweet tinkers, as the vocals croon out with the signature indie twang that has everyone head over heels for a band. There really is something timeless about love songs, and FUR definitely know how to milk out this quality, creating a track that sounds refreshing but simultaneously wouldn’t sound out of place if it was blared out of a jukebox a few decades ago. Leisurely strolling along, you won’t be able to stop the grin spreading across your face as you listen to it.

Speaking about the track, frontman Murray says the track is “about trust and distrust in a relationship. Trying to tell if someone trusts in you and how that can lead to you seeing them in a completely new light. Then, ultimately, the battle of deciding whether you want to be with them anymore.”