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SELFISH THINGS Share New Single ‘Drained’ feat. William Ryan Key

Toronto four-piece Selfish Things have released their emotionally captivating, dark single, Drained, a year after unveiling their EP, Vertical Love

Selfish Things 2018

“It’s not always glamorous loving someone.” Those are the words the simple but disturbing music video for Drained opens with. This seems to be the overall theme of the song, entertaining the thought that maybe your partner in life won’t be able to stick with you through the hard times. Drained is still hopeful, in a way, as frontman Alex Biro sings “I hope that you can see, The better sides of me.”

As Biro puts it in his own words:

In the age of Tinder and online dating, people tend to give up on each other instead of working through the difficult shit. It’s a lot easier to call it quits than it is to fix yourself when you feel like you can open your phone and find somebody else. I never want to be that – ever.

Without a doubt, this is a fear that many people will have in the course of their relationship and that’s what makes Drained so raw. With vocal support by Yellowcard’s William Ryan Key, the song is a great start of 2019 for Selfish Things, whom are supporting the former on his US tour throughout February and March.