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Album Review // POND ‘Tasmania’

Stacked with ten thriving tracks, the new album from the West Coast vagabonds Pond is bursting with an innovative outlook.

POND Tasmania 2019

Enlisting Kevin Parker in the mixing and producing seat, which is always a good idea, Tasmania is the group’s eighth studio album and by the look of it, they are not slowing down anytime soon.

Following their previous album The Weather, which was released in 2017, this time around they are offering up way more than just psychedelic rock. Because when have Pond ever kept to the parameters of a genre? And just like the title of the album suggests, it embodies elements of the vast state. Dense, mysterious and undeniably breathtaking.

Things commence with their latest single Daisy. The almost seven minute track attempts to prepare you for what’s to come over the next nine songs. But whatever you have come to expect from Pond is shortly thrown out the window and splattered on the pavement. We should have know.

Sixteen Days shows their abilities to push their sound to new heights. Synths and keys are flying all over the place with this track that harmoniously forms together to create this dynamic fusion of pure magic. We start to see this progression flourish over the album and you can only sit back and enjoy the vivid ride.

Title track Tasmania starts off with a gorgeous delicacy that allows you to take a moment to explore the eutrophication of it. Bringing together the organic elements that they fuse together effortlessly. They are able to make what could be an impossible task of uniting different aesthetics into a harmonious experience.

Hand Mouth Dancer brings in some broody electronic vibes to the mix and opens up the album as we reach the half way mark. It feels like a step in the right direction as they don’t stay stagnant at any moment.

We start to settle in to Burnt Out Star in true Pond style. A tidal wave of guitars begin to gather and erupt with choir like vocals to create a visceral experience which the band is renowned for. This track is a noteworthy part of this collection, all eight minutes and the seconds of it.

As the album continues to unravel the subject of their home country is brought to the forefront continuously. Exploring their views, experiences and history of the vast landscape they create, it brings an extremely personal and in-depth feel.

Shame pushes their creativity in a dynamic way. Embracing the more electronic elements they have established thus far, yet in a more minimal and abstract way. Allowing the echoing vocals to be truly appreciated and become a profound moment of the album. And Doctor’s In is an impressively expansive way to close this collection of tracks. Weighty bass lines and soaring synths make way for paced drum beats. Making you hang onto the track to last moment.

This collection of tracks cements what a captivating and compelling band Pond are as they continue to push the confines of their sound. At no moment were the tracks text book or forced, which is what we have come to expect from them. Hunting for new ways to mesh textures and sounds in an extraordinary way is what we love about them, and they have defiantly delivered.