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SOMEONE Confesses ‘I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You’

The glittering track is the final taste of her upcoming new EP Orbit.

Someone 2019

Amsterdam creative Someone, AKA Tessa Rose Johnson, shares honest new cut I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You. The single is the final to be taken from her upcoming EP, Orbit, which will be released on May 1st via [PIAS] Recordings.

Woozy with high strings, breathy vocals and a multitude of sound effects, the track whizzes you around the cosmos with its psychedelia-infused tunes. Nodding at psych-pop giants such as Tame Impala and Arthur Russell, and even early 90s French pioneers Air, it shares the same catchiness within its melodies and brings the same joie de vivre and vibrancy.

Explaining the track, Tessa says:

It’s the story of somebody meeting their ex at a party in a wobbly, punch-fuelled moment. In the verses, she’s all cool, kind of a lilting ‘Yeah, I’m doing great, I rock at life’, but in the pre-chorus little cracks start to appear. Suddenly, this hysterical chorus comes crashing in, and she’s ended up on top of the table, mascara streaming down her cheeks… as it turns out: Actually no, she’s not fine. And yes, that escalated quickly.