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JOHN FLOREANI Shares Heartbreaking New Track ‘Oh Brother’

We could feel the hurt right in our heart from John Floreani’s newest track Oh Brother.


Trophy Eyes’ frontman John Floreani is known for being unabashed and honest, but this takes on a whole new meaning in his newest track Oh Brother. The track is lifted from John’s upcoming debut solo album sin, set to be released on June 7th via Hopeless Records.

The track is honesty in its rawest form, and you can’t help but feel moved by the undercurrents of hurt and heartache running throughout. An acoustic accompaniment allows the vocals, with their full emotional prowess, to take over, and they swell into a torrent of anguish in the chorus as John sings ‘Oh brother, they say blood is thicker than water and I tried everything I know to learn to let you go.’

Speaking about the track, John explains:

My brother has always been a troubled person. His fight to be a better version of himself has been a long and painful losing battle that hurts everybody involved. I’ve been kind to him over the years – I was really the only person that loved and cared for him unconditionally. Recently, after a falling out, I decided to not be that person anymore.