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TANNERS Unveils Visuals for ‘Venus’

New York-based Tanners invites you to her neon fantasy world with her latest single Venus.

Tanners 2019

Tanners has shared new clip for her latest sonic delight, Venus, a follow-up to her 2018 self-titled EP.

Adding a sprinkle of magic on top, Tanners easily blends a psychedelic shimmer with vibrant electro-pop elements creating her own unique sound. Intimate and introspective, Venus will charm you with its warm vocals, pulsating synths and hefty basslines bringing the artist’s ethereal melodic glow to the forefront. It’s simply alt-pop at its finest.

Inspired by ‘Enter the Void’ and ‘The Neon Demon’, the visuals add an extra dimension to the track, with its kaleidoscopic tones and dream-like quality. The video follows a story of the pole-dancing performer Samantha Bergeron, who Tanner “immediately wanted her to be the centrepiece of the narrative.” She explains:

The character I play is apathetic, irritated, and just generally in a bad mood while she’s reluctantly dragged around to parties by her friends. But there’s a shift when she comes in contact with Samantha. Through her fluid movement, she represents a state of mind that [Tanner] constantly strives for in everyday life. She’s graceful, serene, and quite literally going with the flow.