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Album Review // LIGHTS ‘Skin&Earth Acoustic’

Lights’ new acoustic album Skin&Earth has brought an interesting new tone to the alt-pop scene as she delivers stripped back versions of her songs as well as a few new ones.


Tranquil and enticing, Lights’ new album is atmospheric to say the least. With her previous songs being re-recorded acoustically in different environments, it is a very interesting concept, corresponding with the scenes depicted in the graphic novel with the same title. These environments include recordings in the rain, by a river and in a desert which all bring something new to each track. 

Opener Skydiving is beautiful as an acoustic. Lights’ vocals are really showcased on this album as with nothing there to draw your attention away and nothing to hide behind as the lyrics are laid bare in-front of the listener in a very vulnerable way. That being said, the instrumentation in this album is also stunning, the guitar in particular layering behind the vocals perfectly creating a euphoric sound. At points like during Almost Had Me, Lights’ vocals are ethereal, especially the carefully placed harmonies.

The single Lost Girls is much more upbeat than most of the songs on this album and is catchy and playful with jagged guitar parts and exceptional vocals as always.

The album concludes with the optimistic song Down Forever emitting messages of hope. The song is very simplistic but this allows the message of the song to come across clearer as the guitar behind the vocals is minimal yet effective. Lights’ has delivered a faultless album full of serenity and passion.