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PALAYE ROYALE Release Video for New Song ‘Nervous Breakdown’

The mystery continues as Palaye Royale unveil new visuals for Nervous Breakdown.

Palaye Royale Nervous Breakdown 2019

Teasing us with the release of a new song, Palaye Royale definitely had their fans on the verge of a nervous breakdown last week. Following the traces left in their previous video for Fucking With My Head, the Nervous Breakdown clip expands on the puzzling story that marks a new chapter for the band.

With a dark, thought-provoking narrative, the video further introduces us to Palaye Royale’s fascinating vision, with Lieseil Inc and Warhol Stars inhabiting the world the band has been creating since day one. The song itself finds Palaye Royale at their finest, with an adrenaline-charged rush of electrifying riffs and powerhouse vocal hooks.

True to their signature enigmatic aesthetics, both videos contain several hidden symbols and references to the band’s previous work. The cryptic imagery is taken from a chapter of the Neoutopian Graphic Novel that drummer and artist, Emerson Barrett has written and designed along with artist XOBillie to accompany the new era.

Speaking on the track, the band say:

‘Nervous Breakdown’ is the continuation of the story we started with the video for ‘Fucking With My Head’. As the new era is beginning to be revealed, the viewer is cryptically introduced to Lieseil Inc and Warhol Stars.

For the past 7 years of our career we have been hinting at this in lyrics, music videos and artwork. Like an existential maze for the fans to figure out and link together. Recently we have been posting in binary and Morse code leading the fans further into the secrets of the conceptual story. Every new piece of material released is a further insight into the world that we have created.

Palaye Royale will be heading back to the UK to play at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, held over the August Bank Holiday weekend from 23 – 25 August.