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AERIS ROVES Unveils Kicked-Back Single ‘Offline’

Bringing in swathes of R&B to create an easygoing sound, Offline plays on the frustrations that can arise from too much time on the internet.


It’s 2019, and there’s no escaping the digital technology that dominate our every day lives. Although they aid our lives in many ways, it can’t be denied that they bring their fair share of negatives, with the sense of disconnection between online portrayal and reality being a large one – so much so that Aeris Roves addresses this in his latest single Offline. As electronic beats flicker underneath soulful strings, Aeris tiredly confesses ‘I’m tired of living in a digital world’.

The visuals for the track play upon the same idea, with Aeris playing the main protagonist who flutters between the blurred lines of real-life and virtual reality. With the video playing ‘on a make-believe relationship that exists mainly online’, Aeris goes on to explain further, saying:

The lines between reality and virtual reality are blurred, in a way that is almost surreal. It explores the idea of facades and the way in which individuals are able to create personas for social media that differ from what is seen in reality. In the video, the protagonist displays a strong sense of frustration that only seems to disappear when social media is less present in the Offline universe.

You can catch Aeris on tour at the following dates.


10 – Oporto, Leeds

11 – Record Junkee, Sheffield

12 – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

17 – Omeara, London