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MALLRAT Gets Personal on New Single ‘Charlie’

A delectable slice of pop in the form of Charlie sheds some insight into the thoughts of Mallrat.

Mallrat 2019

Brisbane-born Mallrat shares an intimate new offering with Charlie, her latest single named after her golden Labrador. Lifted off her upcoming EP Driving Music, set to be released on September 6th, the track brims with an insatiable restlessness that builds throughout the track as different textures are layered on, maintaining a continual drive that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Mallrat doesn’t aim to be more than what she currently is within her music, yet it’s this mundanity of the lyrics and candid nature of them that draws you in, providing a sonic sphere for you to escape to that you can simultaneously relate to. It’s music that comforts as opposed to alienate, especially as her delicate vocals are stacked upon delectable melodies and ostinato piano chords. Complete with claps and finger clicks, the harmony guides you along the track without losing you in the process, and holds true to the saying that simple is better.

The accompanying video further brings out the down-to-earth nature of the track with its nostalgic scenes shot on 8mm film. Featuring a cameo from Charlie himself, it plays upon the suburban charm to create a whimsical set of visuals.