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GRANDSON Announces New EP ‘a modern tragedy vol. 3’

Alongside an announcement of the third EP in his ‘a modern tragedy’ series, grandson has released the lead single Rock Bottom.

Grandson 2019

The song details a kind of existential crisis that comes with contemplating the state of your non-conformist life in a world that is falling apart. The naivety of an American dream: “everybody told me since I was young, I should bite my tongue. Couple kids, picket fence, maybe earn a nice income” quickly turns into the stark reality of being a victim in your own environment: “the writing was on the wall and now we’ve got front row seats, watch the system fall, cause look who’s in control.” Whether talking about gun violence, addiction, or political injustice; grandson has a way of getting to the crux of a generic issue, and simplifying it for the masses to be able to relate.

Rock Bottom is coupled with a video that documents moments that have some kind of emotional value in humanity such as rallies, protests, objects of lust, and machines on overdrive. It is the perfect visual aide to the song, in its black and white nature. Humans are defaced with red crosses for eyes and sometimes completely covered by red circles. If there is one take away from this, it’s that we are slaves to the machine and dehumanised by our inability to say no to temptation even if we know that it won’t do us any good.

a modern tragedy vol. 3 will be released on September 13th.