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MURA MASA Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ (feat. Clairo)

We’re treated to a first taste of the upcoming sophomore album from Mura Masa with latest single I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again.

Mura Masa 2019

It’s not difficult to find pieces of music that make you want to cry with its unfiltered honesty, or dance along to its ecstatic beats, but to find one singular piece that makes you experience all of those emotions at once is rare. However, if anyone was to be able to achieve this it would be Grammy Award winning Mura Masa, and he does exactly this with his newest track I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again. Collaborating with Clairo, her sweet, soft-spoken voice complements the building accompaniment, and as it grows increasingly dynamic, her vocals get similarly distorted with electronics. Bringing in enthralling guitars, bubbling electronics, and house beats, it’s a mish-mash of new wave, emo, folk, and 90s rave to reflect the diverse interests of Mura Masa. Meanwhile, the honest lyrics will touch your heart with its vulnerability and openness.

Speaking more of this, he explains:

This is the beginning of rolling out a new direction for Mura Masa, which has a much heavier focus on band and guitar music. Punk and new wave is the music I grew up playing so it feels like an exciting return for me. I’m thrilled to debut this new sound with one of indie music’s most exciting and talented songwriting newcomers in Clairo. To me, this is the zeitgeist of the next year in music; a new type of band.

You can catch him at his upcoming headline show on October 18th at The Warehouse Project in Manchester.