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BEABADOOBEE Unveils Playful New Single ‘She Plays Bass’

A swirling vortex of building guitars and breathy vocals, She Plays Bass brings a playful demeanour with its high energy.

Beabadoobee 2019

19 year-old Bea Kristi, known by her moniker beabadoobee, gives us a flavour of what’s in store later this year by teasing the first single from her upcoming EP Space Cadet, due for release in October via Dirty Hit. She Plays Bass brings the wonderfully addictive bedroom-pop sound of beabadoobee and becomes another punchy single in her arsenal.

Achieving a dreamy atmosphere initially through murmuring guitars and floating vocals, the hooking chorus quickly sweeps in with an easy-to-follow melody that you’ll be singing along to in no time. With a driving percussion set, fronted by an energetic pop tambourine, the pace of the track is pushed towards a soaring climax, where an electrifying solo guitar line takes centre stage. Dropping away for a gentle recap of the chorus, listeners are lulled into a false sense of security before a thrashing ending comes blazing in, full of crashing cymbals and impassioned vocals that throw away all restraints. Repeating ‘wish I was more like you’, this hint of wistfulness feels very confessional, and leaves the track hanging on a personal note. No wonder fans feel so connected to beabadoobee, and this track shows why her and her music are so easy to love.