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GABRIEL BLACK Shares Video for ‘dead yet (with phem)’

Revealing himself for the first time, gabriel black closes one chapter and starts another with the video for dead yet.

gabriel black + phem 2019

Pennsylvania’s gabriel black unveils the visuals for his recent, hotly-acclaimed single dead yet featuring phem, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to the track. Set against the scene of a party, the two musicians are shown unfazed by all of the making out and general antics happening around them, seemingly bored of it all. Focused on their smoking, a recurring action throughout their video, the duo are oblivious to their surroundings yet there’s a whimsical element to it all through scenes of phem and gabriel flying a paper rocket. Directed by Hunter Lyon, the video marks an obvious change in gabriel’s career as he shows his face on video for the first time, as opposed to revealing himself through animations as with previously.

The track combines alluring beats and addictive melodies to make it the perfect addition to any playlist, and the variety of genres it incorporates means that there’s something in it for everyone. The fusion of phem’s more delicate vocals and gabriel’s impassioned voice creates a delightful harmony to deliver the frank lyrics. Singing ‘Is this all we do? Smoke in your room at 2AM?’, the sleazy guitar lines draw out the biting nature, and there’s definitely no sugar-coating present in this track. Both a sonic and visual treat, it won’t be long before you fall in love with dead yet (if you haven’t done so already).