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MORGAN EVANS Releases Music Video for ‘Day Drunk’

Australia has always been a hotbed for new musical talent.


Aussie acts such as electronic alt-pop sensation Vilde and future soul quartet Hiatus Kaiyote push the limits of the genre, creating entirely new musical experiences for audiences all over the world. Morgan Evans is no different as he pushes what country music can be, and by doing so creates a sound that can only be described as mind-bending. Morgan’s greatest strength as an artist is his ability to redefine convention while still being easily accessible.

He accomplishes this by combining good old American country music styles with new school looping techniques – a particularly impressive feat when witnessed live. Evans’ unique live set-up is all thanks to his trusty loop pedal, which Tonebox explains is a nifty tool for crafting harmonies and beats while playing solo in real-time. Loop pedals work by recording musical passages and then repeatedly playing them back. This way, you can seemingly have a backing band with a close to minimalist set-up similar to the ones that Evans is known to employ during his more stripped down sets. He even sometimes refers to his style and rig of pedals as his ‘American band’ when he’s performing alone onstage. Whether he’s looping percussion, guitar chords, or his own voice, Morgan Evans’ new school take on country is always on point.

The Australia native who burst onto the classic country scene with his album Things That We Drink To is at it again with his latest single Day Drunk. Taking notes from his Kiss Somebody music video, Morgan Evans once again demonstrates his penchant for quirky filmmaking. The Kiss Somebody music video was mostly composed of one long shot of a man running down the street, avoiding all the obstacles in his way. Morgan Evans’ newest video pushes the boundaries even further by showing the entire music video in reverse. Morgan Evans brought on veteran music video director Colin Duffy, who’s worked with the likes of Todrick Hall and Superfruit in similarly colourful and clever videos. In addition, Day Drunk was filmed entirely on a pier in Long Beach, California. The video follows the hijinks that Evans gets into in one day, ending (or in this case starting) with a little romp on the beach. Considering the size of the production, shooting it backwards seems like a logistical nightmare, but as the results show, it was well worth the effort. Duffy and Evans are a match made in country heaven.

Morgan Evans wrote the song along with his friend and collaborator Chris DeStefano, as well as Lindy Robbins. It’s featured on his latest album Things That We Drink To, which debuted at No. 9 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums at the time of its release.

If you want to see more of Morgan Evans check out one of the stops on Rascl Flats’ Summer Playlist Tour, as well as his World Tour this autumn which includes 26 shows in eight countries with six sold-out dates in Australia.