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Album Review // THE FAIM ‘State Of Mind’

Showcasing a variety of sounds, the debut album from The Faim brings together everything the quartet have showed potential for so far.

The Faim State Of Mins 2019

Australian quartet The Faim have been picking up some hot press over the last year – with an EP being the longest work they’ve released so far, they’ve already managed to accumulate a huge following, land themselves on the cover of magazines and sell out shows across the globe. It naturally follows then that there has been a lot of anticipation for their debut album, and the wait for it is finally over. Though only 10 tracks long, the album spans a diverse soundscape and gets right to the core of the feelings that make us human.

Vocalist Josh Raven says of the album, “We wanted to stick true to our roots and where we came from, which is essentially just us being able to explore the passion and love we have for music. But we also wanted to experiment and to have fun with the songs.” In detailing the personal nature of the album, Josh confesses, “We write from an honest place. That’s something we always want to stay true to. If you write songs that are real, people will be able to connect to them, especially during the live performances. It has to resonate with us for it be relatable to our fans as well. On this album it was about connecting with ourselves and explore our influences and our own talent. If we stick to who we are and what we feel hopefully everyone else will find something in the music too.” Bassist and keyboard player Stephen Beerkens adds, “You’ll never get anything fake from us. Our hearts and souls are on our sleeves 100 percent of the time. We want to keep things true to how we started. We do this because we love music and we want to play music and that’s it. There are no ulterior motives. The goal is to play music and that will be the goal for our entire career.”

This authenticity is certainly a huge driving force throughout the album, right from opener Tongue Tied. Packing in blistering riffs and a tantalising falsetto, you’ll feel your heart speed up alongside the pounding bass drum and it’s sure to get you charged up for what’s to come. Following Humans is almost a world away from the rock-influenced accompaniment of the prior, yet the honesty that filters through makes the track as unmistakably The Faim as the previous. Gear up for a massive singalong when the anthemic chorus kicks in, as the combined charm of empowering lyricism and soaring vocals make for a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful Drama intricately weaves the dramatic flair of the band with catchy melodies, and as Josh’s powerful vocals pierce through the chorus, it would be difficult to stop the chills from running down your spine.

Although it hasn’t been previously released, Infamous has already managed to establish itself as a live favourite, and a listen to the track will reveal this to be unsurprising considering the irresistible chorus. The studio version is sure to go down as a complete treat for fans, as they no longer have to listen to poor quality phone recordings of the track taken from live shows and can finally pick out the poignant keys and rousing drums.

Stripping down to just a keyboard accompaniment for Where The River Runs, it’s one of the most tender moments on the album with heartbreaking vocals, and the delicacy is carefully balanced to show you the magic that music can create.

Finale State Of Mind signs the record off with a flourish, keeping you on the edge of your seat with its searing guitars and vocals that hit straight to the core. Stephen reveals of the track, “For State Of Mind, I picked a chord I never play and that’s how the song starts. That song was originally five or six minutes long and it comes from the idea of doing something we’ve never done before. We wanted to go to a place we’d never gone to. Sometimes you have to do the complete opposite of what you think you should do to make sure that’s very much yourself. It came together really well.” And that sums up the album neatly too – releasing tracks that wander into sonic territories that we may not have expected from the quartet, it still combines coherently to produce a statement debut that will act as the springboard for bigger things.