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Band Of The Week // IN THE CARDS

Confessional and impassioned, alternative quartet In The Cards embark on a journey of self-discovery with their new EP The Path.

In The Cards 2019

Staffordshire alternative-rock outfit In The Cards set to re-invent and find themselves with their newest self-released EP The Path, a collection of four tracks that will set you free from constraints and tug at your heart with their unfiltered honesty. Creating an all-encapsulating sonic sphere, it’s both moving and empowering especially with the soaring vocals of lead vocalist Amy Colclough that will doubtless send chills down your spine with its sheer power and intensity.

The instrumental work is not to be overlooked, as intricate guitar lines layer over each other to create an ever-dynamic vehicle of punchy melodies while subtle drum work complement the rhythmic twists and turns. Opener Disguise sets the candid character of the album, as Amy desperately questions, ‘If I spill these thoughts of mine, would you heal the hurt behind?’ The delicate guitar opening in Thoughts Colliding reveals an inch of vulnerability, before growing into an assertive character with intertwined vocal harmonies. Providing catharsis in their lyricism, the band’s heart-on-sleeve approach to penning words will be sure to strike a chord with listeners and provide a mutual understanding in that magical way that only music can achieve.

We discussed more about the EP and the themes that lie behind it with the band.

What’s a motto you live by?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be?

For the sound of our new EP the first colour that comes to mind would definitely be orange! This is partly due to the use of orange on the cover of the EP.

The artwork for The Path represents the journey and progression of the band. More specifically the woman is the physical representation of the band, with the intense light burst representing new avenues we have discovered and also positive future endeavours and goals we aspire to accomplish. For this we knew that we would need vibrant and exciting colours…such as orange!

If you could set The Path to a movie, which movie would it be?

We are going to go with Wonder Woman. Some of the themes and concepts that run through the EP are ones of self discovery and also knowing that you have a purpose but not necessarily fully understanding how to identify this purpose. Through out the film Diana begins to realise who she really is and what she is really capable of as she starts her journey, much like us as a band on our own journey. Plus…some parts of our tracks would go pretty well in an epic battle scene I think!

Do you have any behind the scenes stories of recording The Path that you can share with us?

The EP was actually recorded in two separate parts. First we recorded all of the music, drums, guitars, keyboards etc. but it wasn’t until roughly two months later that all of the vocal tracks were done.

What are your fondest memories of recording The Path?

The second track on the record Define Me was for a long time everyone’s least favourite track during the demoing stage of the EP. To our surprise, those feelings suddenly changed after the completion of that song in the recording studio. It had been injected with a great energy that was clearly missing from the demo. Hearing the completed track back for the first time was a very memorable part of the recording.

What prompted you to make decision to self-release The Path?

It seems to be the way a lot bands are going these days. There are obviously some benefits to having labels involved and we are definitely open to that in the future, but self-releasing means we can have total control on our music. It’s so much easier to get your music out to people these days due to streaming services, so we made the decision to do it this way with this EP.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

For us music is our collective voice of expression through our own creative means. We hope our music will connect, empower and inspire those who can relate to and take something away from our music.

You will be able to catch the band live at the following dates.


29 – Manchester, Star & Garter

31 – Stoke, The Underground