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WHOHURTYOU Release New Single ‘Not The One’

WhoHurtYou, made up of Jack Barakat (All Time Low) and Kevin Fisher (aka Sweet Talker), have released a brilliant new single Not The One.

WhoHurtYou 2019

This is the third track taken off the duo’s upcoming EP Stages out 1st November. Not The One is refreshingly unique with a mixture of techno instrumentals and singer-songwriter style vocals.

Talking about the meaning behind the lyrics, WhoHurtYou have said:

‘Not The One’ is a song about rushing into intimacy with new people shortly after a break up. It’s about spreading yourself too thin by moving on sooner than you should, all while wondering if your ex is doing the same. It’s a reminder to be true to yourself and take the time you need to heal.

Stages EP Tracklisting

1. Not The One
2. Wish We Never Met
3. Nobody Wins
4. Lesson In Letting Go
5. Can We Still Be Friends?