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BE NO RAIN Makes Debut with ‘Deadweight’

Charming and nostalgic, Be No Rain is the newest name to keep an eye on.

Be No Rain 2019Newcomer Be No Rain makes a memorable debut with his yearning first single Deadweight. Although the track is new and exciting to our ears, it has actually been re-worked and re-recorded multiple times since it was first conceived in 2011, but the glorious final result proves that this has been a worthwhile wait. Blending elements of rousing indie rock and infectious pop, the final product is an uplifting and completely captivating track that glimmers with its own magical life. The music will do all the speaking and introduction for Be No Rain, and you simply have to sit back and let the music guide you through this journey.

Written about someone who’s conscious that they are weighing their partner back, there’s a bittersweetness to be found in the confessional lyricism. Explaining more of this, Be No Rain muses:

There’s a particularly bitter stage in the decay of a relationship when your partner’s ambitions can become directly threatening to you. Perhaps they mention somewhere else they’d like to live and all you hear is that they want a change. Perhaps they start learning a new language and you just wonder who they’re yearning to talk to and what they’d say. It’s something that young love is most susceptible to.