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ZACK VILLERE Unveils Video for ‘Sore Throat’

The newest video and track from Zack Villere is a whimsical cut that will induce you into a sweet trance.

Zack Villere 2019Hailing from Covington, Louisiana, Zack Villere will draw you in with his blissful new video for Sore Throat. Pining and ardent, it’s a whimsical cut that marries a gentle mundanity with a subtle sense of humour in the video as cinematic shots of a city going about its daily life is interspersed with rather bizarre dance moves and an unexplainable feature by a group of Spiderman’s. A lulling guitar acts as the ambient backdrop to Zack’s soothing vocals, and whatever stress you have on your mind before listening to the track will be forgotten in its two minute spell.

Explaining more of the track, Zack says:

With this album and my last, I started building the world in my head before I actually moved forward with the music. I was making songs, but until I had a clear image of where it all took place nothing really stuck. The video is meant to represent that world as best as I could with my surroundings. I tried to make a fake city within a city I wanted the process to feel like a kid turning his back yard into another planet for a little short film or something.