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JUTES Shares Emotional New Single ‘Sideshow’

Spilling his emotions amongst a backdrop of hip hop beats and rock-tinged melodies, Jutes gets honest in his newest single Sideshow.

Jutes_Press 2019Los Angeles-based Jutes ignores the confines of genre with his newest single Sideshow. Featuring elements of hip-hop in the suave beats and rock in the charging guitars, his avenues of influence are channelled to create a sound distinct to Jutes, undefined by any particular category. Wearing his hearts on his sleeve with confessional lyricism, Sideshow will make you feel all the pains of Jutes’ heart and the underlying emotions will capture you with its vice-like grip. Every heartache can be heard through the impassioned vocals, and tug at your heart as the turbo-charged emotions play themselves out in a completely captivating and enrapturing tune.

Explaining the new single, Jutes says:

When I first moved to LA I had been working on my mental state a lot. Battling depression and anxiety and was making solid progress, but LA is a tempting place. And though I knew some of the people I was dealing with were only going to pull me back into old habits and mindsets I indulged regardless. Broken people often attract broken people. ‘Sideshow’ touches on this. Knowing something or someone is killing you but being powerless to it.