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DREAMERS Release Video for New Single ‘Desensitize’

Indie genre challenging band Dreamers’ new single Desensitize mixes grunge and psychedelic rock to create an intriguing track.


The single is taken from the band’s recent album Launch Fly Land which is out now.

With a cosmic vibe and a bizarre music video Dreamers have brought something refreshingly new to the indie genre. Desensitize is experimental and unrelenting as the lyrics hit hard. The song is very political and addresses important issues within society all performed over a rallying guitar riff.

Lead singer Nick Wold comments on the track:

The song is about all the crazy and horrible things in the world that we somehow get used to and even forget about. Lying, thieving political leaders, rape, war and violence, advertisers constantly selling to us, preying on our vanity and worst instincts. In this song, I’m not always singing as me but as a corporate moneyed interest who wants nothing more than for you to acclimate, to not notice, to Desensitize.