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YOUNGER HUNGER Unveil New Single ‘Second Best’

Second place sucks, true, but Younger Hunger make it more bearable as they release a wonderful new single, Second Best.

Younger Hunger 2019

Reflecting on a situation in which your love interest puts you down in the pecking order, Orange County’s upstarters Younger Hunger create a mid-tempo sonic gem that is sure to strike a chord with many listeners.

Introspective and sentimental, Second Best flourishes with rich textures and ambient electronics, bringing the heart-wrenching confessions to the forefront. Drawing influences from bygone eras, there’s a somewhat retroesque tinge to the sound that adds in more vibrancy to the track. Younger Hunger continue to set the bar high with every song they release and we can’t wait to hear more from them.

Speaking of the new track, frontman Tony Davia explains:

Really loving somebody who puts you down in the pecking order is the worst. This song is all about that & if you feel the same, we feel ya.