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LA ROUX Releases New Single ‘Automatic Driver’

La Roux has shared new track Automatic Driver, taken from her highly anticipated new album Supervision.

La Roux 2020

The recent release, Automatic Driver, is accompanied by the official music video and follows the album’s first single International Woman of Leisure, a retort to male privilege and its sultry closer, Gullible Fool.

The new track, Automatic Driver documents a different form of breakup songs. Elly candidly describes a relationship where both parties are conscious of it ending yet struggle to come to terms with it. She says:

It’s about finding out who in a relationship is on autopilot. In our case, it turns out it was both of us. I was surprised, even while I was first singing it, by what was coming out of my mouth.

The sublime single incorporates old-style techno flares alongside a bedroom pop beat. The combination of the two creates a feeling of intimacy that is commonly experienced during the ending of a relationship. The recent track brings a clear view of what La Roux’s Supervision will bring forth.

Following her highly praised self-titled album that featured hits such as In For the Kill and Bulletproof and second album, Trouble in Paradise, that became her reinvention towards her sound and image, La Roux has made a home on the dance/electronic charts in the U.S.,  been on the top 10 records in the UK, and has collected many timeless awards. La Roux is ready to bring another critically admired album to the charts where she takes the driver’s seat and forgets all about autopilot.

Supervision will be released on February 7th via La Roux’s label, Supercolour Records.

Tour Dates:


05 – London, Fabric (sold out)

06 – London, Fabric

11 – Paris, Elysee Montmartre

13 – Amsterdam, Melkweg Max

15 – Berlin, Metropol