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DIET CIG Return With New Single ‘Night Terrors’

The NYC duo Diet Cig are back with their tantalising new single Night Terrors that’ll have you wondering about the monsters under your bed.

Diet Cig 2020

Since their debut album Swear I’m Good At This released back in 2017, Diet Cig have been quiet – until now.

Night Terrors illustrates lead singer and guitarist Alex Luciano’s battle with sleepless nights and her need for comfort. Even though the content of the lyrics may be gut-wrenching and raw, yet uplifting feel of the tune give you a warm feeling inside. The track chugs along with light and airy vocals reminiscent of Pale Waves.

Speaking of the new track, Alex explains:

This song centers around my very real and frequent experiences with night terrors and other bizarre sleep activity. If we’re close enough to have ever shared a room, you know what I’m talking about. This song goes out to you. The idea of night terrors also represents the fact that no matter how hard I try to curate a specific and perfect version of myself, the embarrassing, weird, unlikable parts are always going to be there too. The people I’m closest with will always end up seeing them when they inevitably come hurling out of me like my night terrors in the middle of the night. This song’s about holding onto that hope that the real ones will like me even with all my weird freaky stuff underneath. Even when I’m screaming at them in my sleep from across the hotel room.

These guys are definitely ones to watch in 2020. Catch them on their UK tour this May.


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