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MARGARET GLASPY Announces New Album ‘Devotion’

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy returns with the new album release, Devotion, out March 27th on ATO Records.

Margaret Glaspy 2020

Marking the first album since Margaret Glaspy’s 2016 Emotions and Math, Devotion will showcase her new, evolved style.

After three years on the road debuting her debut album, Emotions and Math, followed by the 2018 EP, Born Yesterday, Glaspy has come home and finished a project that will display her well-versed talents and the maturity that she had to encounter while reinventing her sound. Involving the lush and romantic side to being alone and the misfortunes that come to being together, Devotion is the album that will praise the romantics in all their glory. She says:

This record is very different from the last. It’s not about being righteous or all-knowing, it’s about letting love in even when you don’t know what will happen when you do. It’s about devoting your heart to someone or something, against all odds.

With help from Tyler Chester, who has collaborated with Blake Mills and Jackson Browne among many others, to produce Devotion at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn, Glaspy brings new haunting vocals and a finely constructed, electronic soundscape to bring up the true emotions that come with loving others. “I love being very hands-on with my records and he was a force of nature without restricting my sense of what the record should be. His instincts and ability are truly inspiring.”, she describes working with Tyler Chester. Glaspy surrounded herself with a team of experts, Ted Kuhl and Mark Goodell and James Krausse, to bring her vision towards reality. “It has been amazing to be able to stretch out, to not define myself just by the music I make, but to follow my nose toward all the things that make me happy.”

Devotion is a set of 12 love songs and life lessons that come with the difficulty of growth, as a young adult. Devotion’s first release, Killing What Keeps Us Alive, is partnered with the gorgeous video, shot by Alex Chaloff, and new UK tour dates for March 2020.

Margaret Glaspy Devotion 2020


1. Killing What Keeps Us Alive
2. Without Him
3.Young Love
4. You’ve Got My Number
5. Stay With Me
6. So Wrong It’s Right
7. Heartbreak
8. You Amaze Me
9. Devotion
10. Vicious
11. What’s The Point
12. Consequences


27 – Mono, Glasgow

28 – Institute, Manchester

29 – Fleece, Bristol

31 – Lafayette, London