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THE STROKES Share Video for New Single ‘Bad Decisions’

‘Is your life boring? Excitement is one push away!’ – The Strokes are stuck making Bad Decisions in a retro 70s infomercial.

The Strokes Bad Decisions 2020

Have you always wondered what would it be like owning The Strokes? Or making ‘bad decisions’ and buying yourself a band member’s clone for your household? Well, now you can as the kings of indie have made your (and Alex Turner’s) dreams come true in their new vintage sepia toned music infomercial for second single, Bad Decisions, from their upcoming LP, The New Abnormal, out on April 10th.

The track debuted at Bernie Sanders’ rally in New Hampshire as its predecessor galactic At The Door, and for those who weren’t too keen on the album’s first lo-fi drop, they will be pleasantly surprised that Bad Decisions is a more polished version of a classic early 2000s Strokes sound. Opening with the iconic intro from I Melt With You by Modern English, it flows to a classically catchy riff-heavy sound, tumbling drums and a continuous upbeat pace, resembling to a mix between Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself and Age of Consent by New Order. Julian’s elite vocal performance sounds better than ever while he finds himself stuck in a toxic relationship which leads him to making ‘bad decisions’, “I waited so long listening for / Something to work / I’m makin’ bad decisions / Really, really bad decisions.”

A 70s guitar-infused track of course comes with a 70s retro-inspired music video that finds the band dressed in glorious suits and wigs and is full of hidden gems. ‘Get your clones of The Strokes today’, ‘Special edition with personality control’, ‘Dozens of combinations’ instructions flash throughout the video as the New Yorkers satire about the media viewing them as products that can be customised to everyone’s personal preferences. The band also didn’t miss a chance to critique on the demanding music expectations people want from them by giving us a hint on the opening scene with one of the characters nostalgically watching their music video of 2009 Someday.

Watch below to find out how the music video drastically evolves: