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PURITY RING Announce New Album ‘WOMB’

After a five-year hiatus, Purity Ring return with an announcement of their third album, WOMB, and a new song called stardew

Purity Ring 2020

The duo of Megan James and Corin Roddick started the project announcement by creating a mysterious, online puzzle that led towards an unreleased song, pink lighting. After many clues, Purity Ring have returned to the public eye to reveal their new release, stardew, and forthcoming album, WOMB. stardew is a reference to the popular video game Stardew Valley, though the song doesn’t seem to be directly about the game, it does touch on certain ques of the characters within the game.

The new track embodies what made Megan and Corin the classic duo that we have all admired: a soft and humane melody that incorporates loping pianos, glimmering vocals, and outstanding glitchy production. Even though they have remained withdrawn from society, the new track brings the couplet’s growth to full focus and leaves the upcoming project open-ended for all to be invited in.

WOMB is set for release on April 3rd via 4AD.

Purity Ring Womb 2020


01. rubyinsides
02. pink lightning
03. peacefall
04. i like the devil
05. femia
06. sinew
07. vehemence
08. silkspun
09. almanac
10. stardew