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TYCHO JONES Gets Real in New Single ‘Serotonin’

Opening up about the thoughts that dominate his head, Tycho Jones gives listeners a glimpse into his life in his latest single Serotonin.

Tycho Jones 2020

Who remembers the days of being 18? There’s a certain mindset and shifts in thinking that accompany the transition into adulthood, and some of the thoughts that tag along certainly aren’t the easiest to deal with. Tycho Jones gets real with his own experience of this, and opens up about the ideas dominating his head in his newest track Serotonin, the second single to be lifted off his debut EP. The self-produced song channels feelings of despair and hopelessness in a relatively light way, offering a deep insight into the psyche of the young Londoner and allowing him to share his vulnerabilities with us.

Amalgamating a chilled-back mix of fluctuating electronics and gripping beats, it’s a mellifluous soundscape unique in its blend of musical influences and it’s clear that Tycho is a melting hotpot of different genres. Refusing to be neatly pigeon-holed into one sonic corner, the flickering harmonies hint upon notes of hip-hop and indie, and blossom into an expansive and all-encapsulating listening experience. As his honest vocals cut through the texture, you’re taken right to the core of the artist as his hard-hitting lyricism makes its way into your mind-stream.