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NEVERKEPT Showcase Sound on New Track ‘Reunion Tower’

While slower than their previous releases via Epitaph Records, Reunion Tower channels the emotional side of the Philadelphia-based rockers, Neverkept. 

Neverkept 2020

Showcasing the diversity of their sound, Neverkept’s newest release Reunion Tower is a potent pop-punk track that is palatable to audiences seeking the mellower ‘pop’ side of the genre while remaining engaging and energetic enough for the upbeat punks. Vocalist Dorian Crooke passionately croons about looking back on your experiences with the idea of growth rather than negativity as humans are prone to do. The age-old saying “learn from your mistakes” comes to mind while listening to the calmly powerful Reunion Tower. Using echoing vocal techniques throughout the track it is easy to become immersed in the Neverkept experience. Particularly, you’ll be belting it out during the chorus: “I caught the weight of it all, the weight of it all.”

Regarding Reunion Tower, the band explained:

Not everything that’s bad has to be detrimental; it doesn’t have to stunt your growth. Sometimes a negative thing can open your eyes to something good if you allow yourself to learn from it, as hard as it sounds. If there’s any message we hope to leave with our listeners it’s that you owe it to yourself to learn what you can and grow from all experiences in life.

While they are currently traipsing North America in support of Sleep On It, Neverkept are looking to have a strong showing this year. Stay tuned for more.