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SOMEGIRLNAMEDANNA Reveals Visualiser for Debut Single ‘hello i am’

Meet the new bedroom pop riser.

somegirlnamedanna 2020

Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, her imagination and love for music and art flourished without television or social media. Her passion for poetry and interest in repeating melodies she would hear from her mother’s radio is what found the bedroom pop riser spend countless of hours in the studio. Now somegirlnamedanna emerges to the music world with her debut single, hello i am, by just simply introducing herself.

The anthemic track doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination in regards to what’s inside Anna’s mind as she melodically narrates her story so far and her inner rather dark thoughts. “And you’ll never know that I’m emotional / Cuz I always make you laugh / Even when I’m miserable […] You wanna know who I am / I’m just some girl / With blood on my hands / From trying to love the world”, confesses the singer, backed by nothing but her own harmonised layered voice.

Alongside the track release, Anna makes sure she also visually introduces herself with a music video, personally delivering the song over hand written lyrics and doodles on a notebook. The visualizer, which resembles a TikTok video, makes Anna successfully fit in today’s social media narratives and trends and no doubt will manage to ‘slide in’ everyone’s playlists.

Speaking of hello i am, Anna explains:

This is my story, how I grew up, my life, and everything up to this point. I wanted to say this before anything else. hello, i am anna and I can’t wait to meet you.

The one thing I want people to take away at the end of the day, it’s to remind them we are all human. We all experience pain, happiness, angst, hurt, shame, and anxiety. I want anyone listening to know that I really want to connect with them and bring all of us together to start a conversation. I want to grow with my fans, fuck up with them, make mistakes, and laugh and cry together. We’re all going through it together, and I want them to know that no one is alone.