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PHOXJAW Announce Debut Album ‘Royal Swan’

Phoxjaw return to serve you an intoxicating cocktail of rock and grunge, with a splash of psychedelic influences with their new single Half House.


Bristolian quartet Phoxjaw have announced their debut full-length record, Royal Swan, due for release on 3rd July via Hassle Records.

As the saying goes, there is always a reason to madness, however while Phoxjaw seem the have the ‘madness’ part down to a T, the reasoning behind it remains a mystery. Half House dives straight into a universe of sonic frenzy and lyrical sadness, only to explode into an aggressive and slightly misplaced climax and then end in an intense and unnervingly dissonant instrumental. Despite (or maybe thanks to?) all of this, somehow this song is captivating in its weirdness and its tripping video sprinkled with ambiguous symbols supports its lunacy. Together they are grabbing your attention only to release you back into reality feeling confused about this peculiar musical experience you’ve just been violently tossed through.