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WINONA OAK Promises to Write ‘Another Story’ in New Single

In a show of post-breakup strength and enlightenment, Winona Oak fully embraces her breathy indie-pop identity in her latest single, Another Story.  

Winona Oak 2020

The challenge many young people face in early relationships is idealizing and forgiving negative traits in their partner because of things we were taught in adolescence. It’s only when you’re free from the relationship that you see how terrible they were for you and how desperate you are to not repeat the same mistakes or feel the same pain. Winona Oak makes that very promise to herself to mend and protect her broken heart in Another Story.

Through enchantingly springy melodies and an effective use of the timpani drums, Winona Oak’s brand of “whisperpop” makes Another Story stand out in a sea of similarity. You can feel the struggle and the determination in the message through the whimsy. The music video, produced by frequent collaborator Andreas Öhman, brings the lyrics further to life with captivating technicolour and the use of modern dance. It’s the kind of video that would make Sia proud.

Another Story closes out Winona Oak’s recently released EP via Atlantic Records, CLOSURE, and further proves that she is not an artist to be neglected.