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HAYLEY WILLIAMS Shares Video for New Single ‘Over Yet’

Glittering and kaleidoscopic, Hayley Williams dazzles with her creativity and astute lyricism in her latest release Over Yet.

hayley_williams__2020The Paramore frontwoman is back with another track that showcases the boundless creativity within her head, as she guides you into a world of sparkling synths and dynamic bass-lines in Over Yet.

Sending hope and much-needed encouragement during this time, the track delivers a resounding message of persevering through the difficult times, and encourages you to ‘come alive’. A light accompaniment of dappling percussion and effervescent guitars create a shimmering texture upon which Hayley’s airy vocals dance, and you’ll finish the track with your burdens long forgotten and your anxieties left a long way behind. The single will feature on her upcoming debut solo album, PETALS FOR ARMOR, set to be released on May 8th.

Hayley explains the process behind the track, saying:

wrote this one with Joey Howard & Steph Marziano on a 3 day writing escapade, last summer. this one surprised us! went from industrial/punk beat to janet chorus REAL quick. all my faves rolled into one. thank god for this one coming out cause my attitude has been shiiiit lately. hope you’re well out there