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BURY TOMORROW Release Video for ‘Better Below’

Bury Tomorrow took a deep dive into the troubled soul hiding behind a polished facade.

Bury Tomorrow 2020

Bury Tomorrow have unveiled visuals for their new single Better Below, lifted from their forthcoming sixth album, Cannibal, now set for release on July 3rd.

Better Below cuts straight to the chase from the first lyrics, with a frank and concise confession of a wretched soul, continuously looking for an identity. For all of those out there putting up a brave face and keeping it together in front of the world, while struggling with their thoughts and emotions behind the scenes, this song might provide a surprisingly accurate description of their situation. It captures wholly the whirlwind of feelings and the fluctuating tension one is constantly under, as it smoothly transitions back and forth between moments where the heavy drums and alert guitar riffs take the forefront and moments where they succumb to support the wholehearted vocals. The visuals are also closely following the message and gravitate around the idea of multiple distorted projections of one’s true self, by making skilful use of varying angles, mirror reflections and saturated lights paired with deep shadows.

Speaking of the new track, frontman Dani Winter-Bates says:

It’s about how hiding your symptoms often makes them worse. This song is about appearing as the version of yourself that you want people to see you as. I feel like I’m getting to a point where the ‘Me’ I show people is the real me, but there was a large portion of my life where I couldn’t do this.