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GREY DAZE Unveil New Song ‘Sometimes’

Deeply touching and brutally honest, Chester’s voice returns from the hazy past to hold our hand through these cloudy times and give us hope towards a bright future. 

Grey Daze 2020

Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze have shared Sometimes, a previously unheard track originally written by Chester in 1994. The song will feature on the band’s forthcoming record, Amends, set for release on June 26th via Loma Vista Recordings.

Amidst this madness of uncertainty, sadness, loneliness and negativity that engulfed the world, a few simple yet heartfelt words might be all you need to hold onto hope and trade the frown for a smile. While this song is suitable for a variety of situations and it would be relatable even when thinking of mundane issues, it so happened that the right time for it to see the light is now, when we all need some kind words to come from a comforting and respected voice for us to really hear them. This song surprises with a nostalgic sound of early Chester that takes us back… back to (hopefully) better and brighter times and gives us something to look forward to: the time when this will all be over and happiness will return, just as it happened again and again throughout history.

Speaking of the track, Grey Daze co-founder and drummer Sean Dowdell explains:

Chester was already a masterful lyricist at the age of 18, when he wrote this song (which was initially recorded when he was 21). I’ve said this in prior interviews but this is one of those songs that when I hear it now, I recognize the pain Chester was living with even more acutely now that I’m an adult. As so many of Chester’s lyrics do, this message in this song, that bad things happen and there things will get better, resonates in an entirely different way with the current crisis we are all living through, and brings a message of hope.