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CUB SPORT Release New Single ‘Drive’

With their newest single, Drive, Cub Sport have nailed their interpretation of a road trip love song in syrupy sweet fashion. 

Cub Sport 2020

Embracing the sounds of cool, ethereal pop, Cub Sport have graced the radiowaves with their newest single Drive. The hazy, far-off vocals and twinkling synths are reminiscent of a fond memory. It is the backdrop to a sepia montage of all the best moments with the person you love the most. The music video accompanying Drive is wholesome fun at its finest. Cub Sport members and real-life couple, Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield, put their goofy, carefree love on full display as they jive in front of a green screen, create a Drive TikTok dance in the park, and share moments through an old camcorder. Their dog even makes an appearance! The feel they capture in the song perfectly translates to the video, leaving viewers grinning.

Speaking of the track, frontman Tim Nelson says:

Recognising the magic of life while it’s happening is something really special and that’s what ‘Drive’ is to me; capturing that feeling. It’s a love song saying “You’re a dream and I still can’t believe you give a damn about me.” There’s a purity to ‘Drive’ that gives me the same warm feeling I get from Cocteau Twins ‘Cherry-coloured Funk,’ Cyndi Lauper ‘True Colours,’ and Mazzy Star ‘Fade Into You.’ It feels like the type of song that soundtracks a particular moment or time in your life.

Drive is the newest single off Cub Sport’s upcoming fourth album, Like Nirvana, which drops July 24th.