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HAYLEY WILLIAMS Unveils New Single ‘My Friend’

Hayley Williams continues her PETALS FOR ARMOR single releases saga with a heartwarming ode, My Friend.

Hayley Williams 2020

The anticipation for PETALS FOR ARMOR (out 8th of May) is building higher and higher as the Paramore singer has released yet another single off the upcoming debut album, marking it the eighth track so far. Following recent releases Over Yet and Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris, Hayley Williams continues the saga with gracefully heartwarming My Friend.

The touching acoustic guitar driven track is a loving ode to Hayley’s dearest friends as her delicately beautiful vocals as petals themselves narrate the beauty behind a long term special friendship. ‘When you’re walkin’ with a limp / I can remember the wolves at your heels / When my shadow barges in / You never question why she is here’, she sings. The accompanying visuals come in the form of the up close and personal lyric music video where Hayley takes us behind the scenes of recording, photo shooting and spending time with her closest ones.