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Band Of The Week // DEKLEYN

Bringing joy with their flittering beats, get ready to be moved by the charming new single One More Night from dekleyn.

dekleyn 2020

Australian duo dekleyn bring the sunshine of their native country into the melodies of their infectious new single One More Night. Light-infused guitar lines and yearning vocals echo each other in a playful interaction, whilst subtle electronic beats softly patter away underneath. Singing about the fervent desires that often accompany romantic relationships, the duo strikes a balance between the serious nature of the lyricism and the buoyant soundscape to present a captivating slice of alt-pop that you can’t resist.

Explaining more of the track, the duo shares:

We really enjoyed working on this one, it was the first song we started working on after we completed the ‘Thrive’ EP. We finished it, scrapped it, re-worked it, and eventually after months of work we got the track to a place where we love the energy it brings, whilst also having an emotional aspect that shines through when you focus on the lyrics.

‘One More Night’ is a song of mixed emotions. Ultimately, it’s about enjoying your time with somebody, being in the moment and forgetting about everything else. Contrastingly, it also touches on the idea of troubles in a relationship and how the couple deal with that, working through their troubles to enjoy their “one more night.”

Having set our hearts aglow with the track, we discussed the track further and some of the changes it underwent before it came to be the final result that we hear today.

What’s a motto you live by?

Make every moment count.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it?

The whole pastel palette really, light and easy on the ear.

If you could set the track to a TV show or movie, what would it be the soundtrack to?

Stranger Things, our music is versatile to suit all of the moods of the show, and also fun, like the show.

What’s the biggest change between how the track sounded originally and the final version?

The original version of the track had a lot more toms action, this was the forefront of the song. They’ve since been moved back and the bounce of the kick has taken the lead role.

Taking inspiration from the track name, what has been a particularly memorable night of your life that you wish you could have one more of?

Our debut headline show. One of the best nights of our lives and we hope to make memories like that for a long time to come.

Night in or night out? 

Porque no los dos?

Do you have any particularly fond memories of recording the track?

We always have fun recording tracks. We had a lot of fun recording the harmonies on this one as they are so high pitched and sounded almost ridiculous when Justin was singing them. It was overall just a fun track to work on.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

Music is our livelihoods and without it neither of us would have any sort of overall direction of where we are heading, so it is super important to the both of us.