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FRANK IERO AND THE FUTURE VIOLENTS Share Video for Decade-Defying Single ‘Medicine Square Garden’

Frank Iero And The Future Violents strike back with Medicine Square Garden, a twisting single and video that will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole duration of the track.

Frank Iero Medicine Square Garden Video

Frank Iero And The Future Violents might not have made the biggest announcement of their newest single and video Medicine Square Garden, keeping up an air of mystery around the ensemble, but it certainly hasn’t slipped under our radar and it won’t slip yours too. The track boasts a brash, melodramatic facade as it thrills with electrifying guitar solos and tantalising bass riffs, with Frank’s distinct vocals as the cherry on top.

The accompanying video starts out innocently enough, with a trio of fitness dancers leading you along. In theory, the band was going to pay tribute to the cultural iconography of their youth; from Palmer to Parker Jr, Aliens to Dancing Girls, Aviators to Keytars, complete with a lovingly tender, tear-inducing tribute to the greatest metal band of all time. However, in typical Iero fashion, things take a slight turn and as it turns out, Elm Street is still a nightmare, The Flash can’t dance, and at the end of a tough weekend with Bernie, it all comes Back To The Future Violents. Perhaps predictably, there’s blood involved. And a lot of it.

Expounding more about the concept behind the track, Frank muses:

It was apparent to me early on while writing ‘Barriers’ that ‘Medicine Square Garden’ was its most important track. It was the cornerstone upon which the rest of the record and band was formed. If we lost the battle on that song, the rest didn’t stand a chance. ‘Medicine Square Garden’ pushed the most boundaries, scratched the most itches, and terrified me far beyond any other song I had written. So when we crossed off every box in Chicago at Electrical Audio and listened back with smiles knowing we had accomplished our goals, a new objective soon emerged: Get the label to see our favorite song as a single, and let us make the video of my dreams.

‘Medicine Square Garden’ is not your typical single. It’s a five and a half minute attempt at answering the question, ‘What if Prince wrote a Sleep song?’. Oh and if that’s not batshit enough for you, I already had the video in my head. So armed with crudely drawn set designs and a typed-up description of a witchy calisthenics workout meets a Robert Palmer alien massacre, I submitted my pitch to the label. This was my vision from the beginning and no one told me I was crazy. What a world.